Company Overview

Timber-Yard3The Wagner Companies produce over 55 million board feet of lumber annually and supply the furniture, cabinetry and specialty use product industries worldwide.

Wagner purchases standing timber from private landowners as well as logs from loggers and landowners throughout New York State and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania to supply our mills.

Company History

Timber-Yard2Started in 1976 by Les Wagner and Steve Schaeffer, Wagner Lumber began sawing hemlock to order.  Over the next 15 years Wagner Lumber grew from two employees to fifteen and changed its emphasis to the high quality northern hardwoods of our area. Since 1988 lumber production has increased to sixty million board feet annually.

In 2001, Wagner Lumber purchased its second facility in Cayuta, New York, called Wagner Hardwoods.  This move doubled the size of the company and positioned The Wagner Companies as one of the largest hardwood lumber manufacturers in the northeast.

Continuing with their history of innovation and expansion, The Wagner Companies purchased Pomeroy Lumber Company of Nineveh, New York in 2007.  Also during 2007, Wagner established a full service log yard in Friendship. New York.

In 2012 Wagner joined forces with Baillie Lumber and today is part of what is referred to as The Baillie Group.

It is the knowledge and experience of our people and the efficiency and flexibility of our facilities, that allow The Wagner Companies to better serve our clients in the logging and timber portion of the industry through a stronger geographic presence, as well as to provide a greater variety of lumber products to our customers around the globe.


Milling-Log3Here at Wagner, we essentially have three businesses under one roof:

  • Procurement (purchasing of logs and timber)
  • Manufacturing
  • Lumber sales

In all three of these endeavors, Wagner has several guiding tenets:

  • Treat employees, suppliers and customers alike; fairly and honestly.
  • Provide the service that our suppliers and customers need to operate their businesses professionally and profitably.
  • Communicate with our suppliers and customers to assure that everyone's needs are being taken care of and expectations are being met.
  • To maintain honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business.