By-products of the lumber manufacturing process are also sold by Wagner Lumber.  These include:

  • Shredded Bark (Mulch)

  • Wood Chips

  • Sawdust


By volume or weight measurement, by-products account for about 40% of the average sawlog. The other 60% is lumber.


In our Owego, NY sawmill the by-products produced could be summarized as follows:

  • 30 tractor trailer loads of sawlogs are put into the sawmill, resulting in production of:

  • 18 tractor trailer loads of sawn lumber

  • 3 tractor trailer loads of shredded bark

  • 6 tractor trailer loads of wood chips

  • 3 tractor trailer loads of sawdust


Our other sawmills produce sawdust, bark and chips as well.





Sold primarily to landscape contractors, some locally, but much of it moving south toward suburban New York City and Philadelphia areas.



Traditionally sold to regional MDF (medium density fiberboard) manufacturers, pulp and paper manufacturing operations, and particle board producers.

Increasing demand recently coming from industrial factories converting to wood fired boilers from fossil fuel burning heating systems.


Common uses for Sawdust include:

  1. Bedding for dairy cows and horses.

  2. Composting agent for municipal sewage treatment plants.

  3. Fuel for wood fired boilers.

  4. Raw material for wood pellet manufacturers.


The Wagner Companies sawmills together produce the following quantities of by-products for sale on a daily basis:

  • 5 trailer loads of bark - 480 cubic yards/144 tons

  • 10 trailer loads of chips - 960 cubic yards/288 tons

  • 5 trailer loads of sawdust - 480 cubic yards/144 tons

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